Sports betting

Since 2005, the MERKUR GROUP has been active in the sports betting business, operating both nationally and internationally as a provider and broker of sports bets. The sports betting division includes the product house CASHPOINT Solutions in Vienna, as well as distribution companies in core markets Germany (under the brand MERKUR BETS ), Belgium ( Betcenter ), Austria, and Denmark ( CASHPOINT ).


The sports betting offer

The sports betting brands MERKUR BETS, CASHPOINT, and Betcenter offer both stationary and online-based services. The land-based business comprises own betting point of sale as well as a franchise system for betting shops, acceptance points, and shop-in-shop systems.

Online betting offers are available on desktop and mobile via app. A personalised customer card, which can be used across all platforms, allows customers comfortable and uniform use of all sports betting services.

Pre-Match and live betting

MERKUR BETS, CASHPOINT, and Betcenter offer pre-match and live betting in their respective distribution countries across over 50 sports. The range spans from classics such as football, tennis and handball to motor and winter sports, as well as American football and darts.

The brand CASHPOINT has firmly established itself as the leading private sports betting provider in both the Austrian and Danish markets.

In Belgium, the sports betting brand Betcenter (in which the MERKUR GROUP holds a 74.9 percent stake) is among the top three most successful betting companies in the country.