Compliance & Supply Chain

We, the MERKUR GROUP, understand lawful, ethical and responsible action to be an elementary and indispensable part of our corporate and social responsibility. Trust in the integrity and reliability of the group's companies forms the most important basis for sustainable economic success.

In addition, as a family-run company, we also see ourselves as having a responsibility towards the environment. Under the motto "Identify savings potential, conserve resources, protect the environment", we are constantly implementing new projects for the sustainable development of our company.

Our goal is to always comply with human rights and environmental obligations with due diligence in the monitoring and implementation of the entire supply chain.

If you become aware of misconduct or wrongdoing in our company, at one of our suppliers or business partners, please do not hesitate to inform us. With the help of our digital whistleblower system, you can report any illegal, unethical or inappropriate incidents and behaviors you know or suspect via our whistleblower portal "SpeakUp" - for your protection, of course, confidentially and anonymously.

The Code of Conduct and the Statement of Principles of the MERKUR GROUP are available for download in English and Spanish below.