Merkur Senioren Club 3


The MERKUR Seniors Club e.V. was founded in 1998 by 26 former employees of the MERKUR GROUP and Paul Gauselmann. The aim was clear from the start: under the motto ‘Once MERKUR, always MERKUR’, the MERKUR GROUP wants to maintain contact between the company and former colleagues even after they’ve retired – through regular joint activities, outings and events. We are pleased and proud that the MERKUR Seniors Club currently has well over 100 members, including many founding members. The focus of all activities is on sociable get-togethers: whether interesting day-trips or a delicious meal, one thing’s for sure – it’s never boring. The Seniors Club is a further example of how much we value the collegial atmosphere of a family-like corporate culture – and also of how, for all our success and progress, we stay true to our roots.