Paul und Karin Gauselmann Stiftung

Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation



the Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation has supported social and cultural projects in the Minden-Luebbecke region.

More than

16,2 Mio. Euros

the endowment capital of the Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation.

More than

150 projects

were supported by the Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation in 2022.

The Foundation

The Gauselmann Foundation, which was set up in 1999, was renamed Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation in 2015. The object of the foundation covers especially the following areas: non-profit promotion of education and science, of youth and elderly welfare, of sport, of public health care, of welfare, of preservation and maintenance of historic monuments, of religious communities governed by public law, and of culture. Priority is to be given to projects in the municipalities of the old district of Luebbecke.

In addition, support is provided to persons in need of assistance, in particular to minors who are temporarily in financial difficulties due to an excessive passion for gambling by their parents or one of their parents on gaming equipment used for commercial gambling in accordance with Sections 33c and 33d of the German Trade Regulation Act (GewO).

Apart from Armin Gauselmann as Chairman, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees is made up of Sonja Gauselmann, Manfred Langhorst (Chairman of Espelkamp Civic Trust) and Christel Senckel (Deputy Mayor of Espelkamp).

Endowment capital

The endowment capital of the “Paul und Karin Gauselmann Stiftung” foundation is currently 16.2 million euros. Together with the two members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, Friedrich Barner (Chairman of the Board) and Herbert Schlottmann (Vice-Chairman of the Board), the Foundation regularly decides on applications for funding submitted by the public, taking the object of the Foundation into account.


If you have an inquiry regarding the approval of donations/sponsorship, please send it to the following address:

Board of Trustees of the Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation
Merkur-Allee 1–15
32339 Espelkamp, Germany

+49 5772 49-0