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“Learning is like rowing against the current. As soon as you stop, you drift back.” LAOTSE

“Learning is like rowing against the current. As soon as you stop, you drift back.” LAOTSE

Personnel development

Our philosophy

Continued and foresighted personnel development is the MERKUR GROUP’s answer to the present trends on the market: advancing digitalisation, increasing complexity and the ever more rapid pace of change. To enable us to also meet these challenges in future, our personnel development follows three central principles.


A focus on people

As a competent point of contact within the corporate group, we attach great importance to good working relationships and promote our employees’ individual development through needs-driven concepts.

Innovation meets the traditional

We offer a hybrid training and learning approach. This involves combining classroom training at our own training centre, Schloss Benkhausen, with digital formats to ensure the best possible transfer of practical experience.

“Where there's a will, there's a way”

We empower our employees to assume personal responsibility so that they can play a role in shaping their own personal development. We create the necessary framework for this and advise our employees and their managers according to their individual needs.

Personnel development in facts, figures, stats

Language courses

Of an average of 80 courses per week, around 70 % of one-on-one and small group training sessions take place online.


We organise around 90% of our seminars in-house. This translates on average into 3 events per week.


In 2020 and 2021, we have mapped over 100 different seminar topics, organizing a wide variety of continuing education offerings.


We are service providers!

With a wide range of further training opportunities for both job entrants and experienced professionals, we offer specialists and managers solutions tailored to their needs. We place the focus on trustworthy advice. Our tailor-made range of seminars enables you to organise your day-to-day operations more efficiently and promotes personal development.

We are strategic partners!

To ensure that our corporate group achieves its long-term goals we advise our management staff. To this end, we work continuously to further expand our talent management and develop strong tools to support personal career paths within the company in a targeted manner.

Individual development-staff interview

Individual development

We advise our employees and support them in drawing up a needs-oriented personal development plan. In addition to offerings from our extensive in-house programme, this can include specialised external seminars and in-service training. This wide choice of options also enables us to offer our specialists development opportunities individually tailored to their specialist careers.

Seminar programme-Group seminar

Seminar programme

Our employees can build up and expand their practical skills in a wide range of interdisciplinary in-house seminars. The focus is primarily on developing leadership, methodological, personal and specialist skills. One particular aim is to promote through these seminars an exchange of ideas and networking between staff from different divisions of the MERKUR GROUP.

Language courses-online training

Language courses

To ensure smooth communication with international colleagues or business partners, we facilitate the improvement of language skills. We currently offer language courses in English, Spanish, Serbian, Polish, Czech and German, either as face-to-face or online training.

Job Entrants_Young Professionals Group

Job entrants

Making it easier for our junior employees to make the transition from an apprenticeship or studies to working life has a high priority for us. Our further training programme for Young Professionals gives them the necessary tools for a career within the MERKUR GROUP.

BasicLeadershipProgramm Group 2021-2022

Experienced professionals

For employees with professional experience, we offer a series of multi-stage further training programmes, including, for example, a special management training course for junior managers.

Education Center Schloss Benkhausen_Entry

Schloss Benkhausen

Our seminars are held at our own training centre, Schloss Benkhausen. As well as modern conference rooms in a historical ambience, Schloss Benkhausen offers first-class hospitality and accommodation for seminar attendees from the decentralised company locations.

Personalentwicklung_Kooperation FHDW-GauselmannInstitut

Cooperation with FHDW / Gauselmann Institute

The GAUSELMANN INSTITUTE is an independent academic institution that researches practice-relevant issues and initiates future-oriented advanced training programmes to strengthen sustainable corporate development. The Institute’s cooperation partners are the MERKUR GROUP and the FHDW, a private university of applied sciences.

What employees think about our seminars

  • “As dual students, the MERKUR GROUP offers us weekly English classes for the entire duration of our training. Where necessary, regular employees can also receive individual language coaching. I think it’s really cool that in our online course our trainers deal with topics that are relevant for our everyday tasks or teach us general business English. Like this we have the chance to continually improve.” (Louisa Pfeil, former dual student)
  • "The "introductory training" on the topic of feedback with a seminar actor was very impressive if you know the classic role plays. Through the interaction with the seminar actor, you could recognize your own behaviors much better." (Lutz Bekemeier, Head of Technical Training)
  • “Our trainer explained very clearly what change processes mean for each individual and described the integration of different perspectives in a practice-oriented way. The seminar provides managers with valuable tools for successful change management, which I also wanted to pass on to my employees.” (Markus Tiedmann, Technology Division Manager)