17-Nov-2023 Espelkamp | Products | Company

The Gauselmann Group wins the tender for the casino concession of the German state of Lower Saxony

Additional proof of the Gauselmann Group’s excellent expertise when it comes to the operation of casinos: the Eastern Westphalian, family-owned company won the tender for the casino concession of the German state of Lower Saxony. This means the group has the opportunity to operate up to ten casino locations. The concession allows for the state-licensed locations to be operated under the umbrella of the MERKUR sun from 1 September 2024, initially for a period of 15 years.

“I’m extremely delighted about receiving the casino concession in our neighbouring state of Lower Saxony. Being able to clock up this additional significant milestone in our company’s history, just two years after taking over the North Rhine-Westphalia casinos, makes me and all the employees involved very proud and shows once again that we master the ‘higher school’ of gaming with and centred round money, and that we can act responsibly in this respect,” explains Paul Gauselmann, company founder and Chairman of the Management Board of the Gauselmann Group. “Now, in autumn 2024, the task is to integrate the Lower Saxony casinos, with their roughly 400 employees, into our company and to welcome them to the world of Merkur.”

Pivotal for the issuance of the casino concession was the proven exemplary competence of the Gauselmann Group’s ability to operate casinos. A total of 15 locations in the German states of Saxony-Anhalt, North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin and Rhineland-Palatinate already demonstrate the success of the company. In addition to the proof of economic viability and financial stability, the high quality of the operator’s concept, above all, were decisive for the issuance of the casino concession.

The issuance of the casino concession for the German state of Lower Saxony offers both the Gauselmann Group as well as the Lower Saxony casinos a promising future. “With the takeover of the North Rhine-Westphalia casinos in 2021, we proved in an impressive way that we are able to realign the gaming and service offering in record time, to secure existing jobs, create new ones, and even increase their attractiveness,” says David Schnabel, Managing Director of all Merkur Spielbanken. “I’m certain that we will also be able to set new standards in Lower Saxony and continue to write our story of success with the casinos there.”

A consistently exemplary operator of casinos, the Gauselmann Group is aware of its responsibility towards society in every respect. For instance, from the beginning, top priority has always been given to the awareness of the company’s task, as assigned by politics and society, to “flush out” gaming and put it on a clear track with the aim to enable gamers to participate in safe, legal gaming. The fact that the successful operation of Merkur Spielbanken is accompanied with the conscientious realisation of youth and gamer protection measures is documented by numerous (re)certification and recognised accreditation offices: both the Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4) as well as the European Casino Association (ECA) frequently confirm the quality and actuality of the preventive measures by Merkur Spielbanken.

A guarantor of success for Merkur Spielbanken is the impressive ambience and the excellently schooled employees, in addition to the both extensive and first-class gaming and entertainment offering above all. “We have continually optimised our casino concept over the last years and have always aligned it first and foremost to the needs and desires of our guests,” explains David Schnabel. “Being allowed to perfect this concept soon in Lower Saxony together with the know-how of our new colleagues is a promising outlook for success and an important impulse for the future.”

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