27-Oct-2023 Lübbecke | Employees

David Orrick to Step Back from His Role as Director of Industry Relations at Merkur

Speaking at the Day one close of G2E 2023, David Orrick (Director of Industry Relations at Merkur Gaming) announced to a gathering of the gaming industry’s press corps that he will be stepping back from his full-time role, effective as and from December 31st, 2023.

The multi award winning Orrick has held his present position with Merkur from January 2016 to the present and gave his primary reason for this decision his wish to have more available time to spend with his family and bring to completion the novel, heavily influenced by the international casino industry, and titled 777 BLUES, that he is currently planning to publish in 2024.

Orrick commented on what he has seen as the ‘changing landscape of media and communications in gaming’ observing that ‘technology moves at the speed of software’ and how online gaming has achieved such tremendous growth in such a short period of time.

There was also a tribute to the late Jens Halle who Orrick described as being ‘my boss, my mentor but most of all my friend’ before he thanked the many colleagues within Merkur with whom he has worked successfully over the last eight years.

It has been suggested that Orrick may still play a consultative role with Merkur in the future, as the company’s Chief Executive, International, Athanasios “Sakis” Isaakidis, commented on the exceptional value that Orrick has brought to the Merkur brand. He added: “With his great experience in gaming and his understanding of market needs David Orrick has fulfilled not just his job description but has also played a significant role in many differing decision processes within our Group. He is a valuable and well-respected person who is always available to give his opinion and bring his insight to bear.”

He continued: “Personally, I do not want to be without the many constructive discussion that we have had. David was always fair in his assessments and always had the best interest of our company in mind. While understanding and fully respecting his wishes on full time contractual matters I am sure that Merkur will need his skills and insights at various significant times in the future. As I have said before David Orrick always thought of his professional duties with Merkur as his passion rather than just his job.”

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