12-May-2023 Espelkamp | Company

Number of regulations and laws is constantly growing

Gauselmann Group compliance officers from 12 nations come together for workshop

A total of 37 Gauselmann Group compliance officers recently came together at the company’s Schloss Benkhausen training centre at its Espelkamp headquarters for a joint workshop. The two-day event focused on the constantly growing number of laws and regulations worldwide, sources of law for the avoidance of risks, as well as new courses of action for the many markets of the internationally operating Gauselmann Group. The participants from 12 nations convened at the castle to bring each other up to date on a diverse range of topics in presentations and working groups.

From risk management and the growing ESG requirements to the whistleblower system for reporting compliance violations, many current challenges for the corporate group were on the agenda. Additional topics such as the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, regulations governing the protection of human rights, as well as player protection and responsible gaming measures also met with keen interest among the workshop participants.

“It is manifestly clear that the regulatory authorities are continually increasing and refining the requirements for our industry – and not just in Germany but worldwide. This means our compliance officers have to be constantly on the ball and abreast of developments to enable them to meet the challenges reliably and in compliance with the law,” Ludwig Beckmann, Chief Compliance Officer at Gauselmann AG points out. “We are pleased and proud to have a team of highly professional and very well trained compliance officers around the world who are dedicated to this responsible task.”

The workshop was attended by compliance managers from Germany, Spain, Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Malta, the UK, Denmark, Mexico and Peru. This was the fifth workshop of its kind since introduction of a group-wide compliance management system in 2014.

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