2020: Establishment of MERKUR INHOUSE AGENCY (MIA)

The MERKUR INHOUSE AGENCY (MIA) was founded in 2020 as a subsidiary of the MERKUR GROUP. It develops and realises all of the Company Group's advertising and marketing campaigns in close collaboration with the marketing teams, from layout to production.

MIA consists of teams of art directors, graphic designers, media designers, copywriters, motion designers, project managers and production specialists. With many years of experience in the areas of branding, visual and strategic communication and visualisation of brand aesthetics, the authentic presentation of the MERKUR GROUP's brand values and corporate philosophy is at the heart of each individual project. Through strategic collaboration and planning, customised solutions, whether digital or print, are implemented and the MERKUR GROUP's advertising messages and marketing objectives are clearly defined.

3 Facts about the MIA

  • At home in their own product world: creativity, innovation and a deep understanding of the company's own products and customers in the B2B and B2C sectors. The employees of MERKUR INHOUSE AGENCY not only have specialist expertise, but also the important, industry-internal know-how.
  • Fast, effective and cost-efficient: Thanks to short distances and direct communication, immediate and effective realisation of the various projects is guaranteed.
  • Flexible and up to date: We also feel at home away from the usual routines and, as a reliable partner, are on hand with help and advice even when faced with special challenges.