Merkur Gaming


1985: Establishment of Stella International Spielgeräte GmbH

2003: Establishment of MEXIM GmbH & Co. KG

2005: Merger to form MERKUR Gaming GmbH

2015: Integration into adp Gauselmann GmbH (now adp MERKUR GmbH)

The MERKUR GROUP has been active on the international markets since 1985. The business activities were initially carried out by Stella International Spielgeräte GmbH and then also by MEXIM GmbH & Co. KG as of 2003. In 2005, the companies were merged to form MERKUR GAMING GmbH. Under this umbrella, work continued on the development and sale of slot machines, video lottery terminals, and server-based gaming systems for the international markets. Finally, in 2015, the company was organisationally integrated into today's adp MERKUR GmbH, but MERKUR GAMING was retained as a brand for international sales.

3 facts about MERKUR GAMING

  • International network: MERKUR GAMING operates foreign subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, and Columbia.

  • Tailored offering: The games and gaming machines are constantly adapted to the specific characteristics of various markets, to the gaming preferences of international players and to the respective legislative framework.

  • Extensive expertise: In addition to its core business, MERKUR GAMING is responsible for the development and sales activities in the German casinos and on cruise ships.