MERKUR Games Holding


1986: Opening of the first international arcade in Amsterdam

1990: The arcade in Rotterdam is the second location in the Netherlands to be added

With the company MERKUR Games Holding, the MERKUR GROUP is successful in the Netherlands. Within the MERKUR GROUP, the Dutch market has a special significance, as this is where the international success story began. The opening of the first international gaming facility in Amsterdam (1986) was the starting signal to carry the quality criteria for a high-quality gaming experience across borders to Europe under the MERKUR umbrella brand.

Today, the company has six more branches in the Netherlands: in Almere, Boskoop, Hoofddorp and Rotterdam.

The high quality standard of MERKUR is also the basis of success there: under the logo of the laughing sun, guests can look forward to innovative products from MERKUR, an exclusive ambience, outstanding service and highly trained staff.

3 facts about MERKUR Games Holding

  • Decades of experience: The international success story began with the first branch in Amsterdam in 1986. In the meantime, over 360 high-quality arcades are available to guests.

  • International expertise: The quality standard is universal – however, it is only by taking the individual framework conditions and the cultural gaming preferences into account that a total package that is successful in the long term can be put together.

  • Making the best use of synergies: Each venue of MERKUR Games Holding benefits from regular exchange between the individual countries as well as with the German parent company. Proven structures can also be implemented in other branches in accordance with the best-practice model.