Gebrüder Gauselmann GmbH


1957: Establishment of the sole proprietorship by Paul Gauselmann in the name of Elisabeth Gauselmann

1958: Company name is changed to “Gebrüder Gauselmann GbR” with brother Willi Gauselman

1962: Company name is changed to “Gebrüder Gauselmann GmbH” with brothers Paul, Willi and Eugen Gauselmann

The corporate beginnings of Gebrüder Gauselmann GmbH go back to the sole proprietorship founded by Paul Gauselmann in 1957 in the name of his first wife, Elisabeth Gauselmann. The company was seen right from the beginning as a competent partner for the professional operation of amusement machines with and without stakes and prizes in the food and drinks segment. A second company set up in Oelde in 1967 specialised in operations in the food and drinks segment under the management of Eugen Gauselmann, whilst brother Willi was in charge in Espelkamp. Development, retail and production were the sole responsibility of Paul Gauselmann already from the 1960s.

3 facts about Gebrüder Gauselmann GmbH

  • The family as a model of success: Paul Gauselmann was so successful with his sole proprietorship that his brother Willi joined the business one year later. His brother Eugen also came on board in 1962. The company was the nucleus of the MERKUR GROUP.

  • Rapid development: Gebrüder Gauselmann started out with 15 employees, while the MERKUR GROUP today has a workforce of almost 14,000 employees.

  • Highest quality standards: Only very few companies can look back on so much experience in the professional operation of amusement machines. To this day, Gebrüder Gauselmann GmbH stands for top quality and a sustainable focus on the customer.