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Innovation & Design

Innovative products are the basis for the success of the MERKUR GROUP and the engine for its dynamic and continuous growth.

In order to meet its customers’ diverse needs, the group has more than 13 game development studius worldwide in Germany, the UK, Austria, India, Australia, Spain, the US and Malta. These teams are specialised in developing and producing games and cabinets as well as applications and system solutions for the group’s land-based and online markets.

The heart of the international development

The heart and link of the international development sites is located in Luebbecke in eastern Westphalia at adp MERKUR GmbH, which develops almost all basic technologies for the Group. In addition, the development studio MEGA and edict eGaming GmbH (edict), among others, are responsible for game development in Germany. MEGA focuses on creating jackpot systems, multigames and games with additional stakes. Edict licenses the games for the various jurisdictions and releases them for the different online platforms.


In the UK, the subsidiary Blueprint Gaming Limited is one of the five leading multi-platform developers and providers of digital games. These are also available at over 100,000 stationary slot machines in the UK, Germany and Italy. Blueprint specializes in the development of "bonus games" in which 40 games are linked together via a jackpot system.

MERKUR GAMING India Pvt. Limited

The MERKUR GROUP is also represented in India by two game development studios: MERKUR GAMING India Pvt. Limited (MERKUR GAMING India) and Lucky Nugget Gaming Pvt. Limited (Lucky Nugget). MERKUR GAMING India creates mobile applications in addition to classic slot games. Lucky Nugget is involved in the exploration of new technologies in addition to the development of video graphics (in collaboration with other game design studios) and "conventional" games. Here, the focus is on 3D animation and virtual reality and the related question of whether and how these forward-looking technologies can be integrated into new games in a user-friendly way.

Worldwide Development Sites

Additional development sites of the MERKUR GROUP are located all over the world, from neighboring Austria to India and Australia. The Group's product portfolio is focused on multigamers, but there are also countries where gaming guests prefer longer-lasting entertainment through a single game. For these markets, special singlegames are offered, the development of which is very costly, as significantly more graphics and hidden gimmicks are included. This is where the great expertise of Sunshine Games LLC , based in Las Vegas, lies. The game design team there specializes in the development of singlegames for the US market and other international markets.